Understanding Self Coaching in a simple way

When we go through decision-making in life we think that we know what we are doing and we handle situations according to our core mind values because we trust them. So when we want to solve a situation with the intention of its success, we always come back to the same pattern of action. The irony is that many times we don’t succeed in the way that we expected or we don’t succeed at all.

A positive result might take longer than what we need to, and if we have to solve many situations at the same time, the whole sum of it can be too much and it can give us a sense of worry and stress. Basically, we trust in our mental process of situation solving but we might be wrong.

How can this help me out?

The key point of Self-Coaching is for us to understand which steps we are already taking before we make a decision so we can rethink and re-organize those steps in our favour. Because yes, you are choosing the outcome of your life based on your subconscious beliefs.

Sounds a bit like an advertisement, but with Self Coaching you can actually acquire the skills to explore yourself further, re-examine your decision-making process, and gain the right tools so you can succeed in life on your own.

What makes it even more appealing is that start navigating this concept doesn’t require a lot of knowledge or a high level of expertise, and that is why a self-coach can introduce you to it by giving you initial support and clear guidance.

Let’s do a little exercise together so you can get a bit of an idea of what we are talking about:

  1. Write down in a paper what your current life goals are: they can go from small ones like ‘Doctor’s appointments’ to big ones like ‘Take a course’.
  2. Next to those goals write down a category of which type they are: For doctor’s appointment write down ‘Health’, and for Take a course write ‘Education’. So you can divide them by priority, being physiological needs or just general interests.
  3. Put a date for those goals: think about deadlines or put a frame time for when you think that you could take action for each goal. Make it real, don’t daydream, be realistic with your times and make them achievable.
  4. Once you have all your goals defined and with dates, put a number of priority for each one of them: by date or by the level of importance in general like health is a high priority goal because you need to feel well to think/act well.
  5. Make a calendar: organize all your goals by date, level of priority, and category. This will help you follow them with a clear prioritization.
  6. Start to take action: Start accomplishing your goals one by one, and put Done next to it so you can have a stronger sense of accomplishment. Don’t delay goals, try to keep up and you will get used to it.

This will become an ongoing exercise that will give you a simple tool for organizing your life steps better.

We shared with you a very simple example of how an organized mind thinking process where you put ideas into actions, can lead you to achieve more, better, and easier in life.

But don’t forget that Self Coaches are the right start to help you out through this journey so they can get to know you and what your mental approach to decision making is based on, making it more personalized since we are many times too “blinded” to our own pattern.

You will trust yourself more and therefore your sense of self-empowerment will increase.

With this current world that we live in, where we have to multitask and do many things at the same time, self-coaching has become a real necessity and for sure we will start seeing it more around.

So welcome to know thyself and to experience your highest potential through this wonderful thing called Self Coaching…

Be present in your own life by being the most uplifted version of yourself.




Hi there, my name is Rocío. I am excited to start my journey here in Medium where I can freely share my thoughts with you and get your amazing feedback as well.

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Rocio Londero

Rocio Londero

Hi there, my name is Rocío. I am excited to start my journey here in Medium where I can freely share my thoughts with you and get your amazing feedback as well.

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